F I J I | 54 Acres, Davuilau Island , Yasawa Chain

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DAVUILAU ISLAND Steeped in hillside terrain, the Island of Davuilau is a 54 acre beach induced wonderland. With a marvelous sandbar connecting it to the larger island of Matathawa Levu, Davuilau just barely remains in contact with the rest of an already secluded region of Fiji. Rich with aquatic beauty and one of Fiji's most unique creatures, the Rock Iguana, settlers to this island will find themselves in a world of dazzling discovery. Basking in the heart of the Yasawa Island Chain, Davuilau experiences magnificent weather throughout the year with both water temperatures and surface temperatures averaging a near splendid 80 degrees. Davuilau is a State Freehold and able to be leased for a period of 99 years or have its title purchased outright. Reachable by boat, helicopter and occasionally a low tide sand bar, the island remains a distant yet secure place of residence for any and all whom desire to bask in its white sandy beaches, snorkel with Dugongs, or admire its majestic and rare Rock Iguanas. {After conclusion of the 50 year lease, you are guaranteed to receive your purchase price back or renew lease for additional 50 years}

  • Date: 03/31/2018 04:52 PM
  • Location: Davuilau Island, Fiji (Map)
  • More Info: Name: Davuilau Island Region: Fiji , South Pacific Location: Yasawa Island Chain Development: Non Developed Title: Leasehold TypePrivate Island Price: $ 2,900,000 Size: 54.00 Acres Lifestyles: Islands With Beaches, Large Acreage, Ocean Island

Price: $2900000

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